Wad Files and Bots

WAD Files & Bots
WAD files are used to add textures to your map when you are making a map using "Valve Hammer Editor". To get WAD files Click Here.

When you have downloaded the WAD files, open "Valve Hammer Editor", click the "Tools" tab and click "Options". A window will open, there you click the "Textures" tab. Click the "Add WAD" button, select the WAD files you have downloaded and then click "OK".


Many people want a separate file of BOTS as they want to practice. Some counter strike games don't provide bots such as one of my Counter Strike 1.6 Installation. So I have provided you with a separate bot file.To download, Click Here ->

How to add bots on COUNTER STRIKE 1.6

Download Cs 1.6 Bots