CS 1.6 Tips and Tricks

Counter Strike is no doubt a thrilling and addictive game. It is also the most popular game when it comes to online gaming. However it is quiet a difficult game and most of times its only the matter of one single shot and it could be over in a second. It can get very frustrating at the times when you keep shot gain and again. Here are few tips that will improve your gameplay so that you can enjoy more and more when playing Counter Strike.

1.Don't try to play over aggressively. This happens with many new players what they tend to do is think that they can kill every enemy who is against them as a result they try to attack rather blindly and as a result fail. You must learn to keep balance between aggression and defense. Neither try to hide from enemies by sitting in a corner nor you should chase them to kill.

2. Stealth is the key. If someone asks me the foremost thing when it comes to play Counter Strike I answer Stealth. Never ever expose your self in  front of others you are a very easy target Never move in open places.  If you have to don't run straight run in zig zag patterns that way it will be harder for the opponent to take a good shot. Take cover when you are moving. The best shooting strategy is to peek and fire.

3.Keep moving. Don't get struck at one place you are a dead meat as soon as you do that. Keep moving and changing your positions. If you are standing still at one point then a good opponent will take you out very quickly as he knows your position and he an then act accordingly. Even when you are firing still you have to change your positions frequently.

4. Crouch and duck . Don't stand up unless you are moving. When you are standing you are a nice easy target. Ducking gives you two advantages first it makes harder for the opponents to shoot you and second it increases accuracy.

5.Aim for the head. Always try to aim for the head. Remember it takes only one shot on a head . Most of players loose because they are not trying head shots.

6. Fire in short bursts. It is very tempting to fire a 30 bullets without lifting your finger from the mouse but its a very bad thing to do because when you are firing without a break the accuracy is very little. The pointer keeps moving and most of times you are missing the targets.  Fire in quick short bursts.

7.Reload. Nothing is more frustrating than getting out of ammunition in the middle of battle. Always keep an eye on how much bullets you have remaining in the current magazine. If they are on lower side then take cover and reload immediately.

Keep playing and Enjoy.