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How to Solve Protocol 48/47 problem ?

Protocol 48/47 problem
The recent switch between the existing protocol and the new one was a deliberate effort by VALVE, the developers of Counter Strike to separate the non-steam community from the steam community. This means that the steam clients cannot connect to the non-steam games unless the non-steam servers are updated to protocol 48. If you are using protocol 47 then you cannot connect to the latest protocol 48 or the previous protocol 46 for CS1.5.

But the gamers need not worry anymore, there is a fix released to cater to this error

use this patch
• Install it on to your existing counterstrike installation [where hl.exe is]
• Click on the desktop icon to start playing the game.

Now there is every probability that the patch may fail foryou. This is primarily due to the reason that your previous CSinstallation is not fine; it is nothing to do with the patch. So youneed a clean version of counter strike before proceeding with the installation procedure. Try installing the following CS version.
• v23 patch
I suggest do not download the V35 patch as it is the buggiest patchso far. You can download the files from the above link or you can alsogo for the torrents. Try locating V23 patch; this is the one I used.
• Once sorted with the CS version, then install the Protocol48 Patch again and you are all set to enjoy your game again.
• If you want to keep both the versions of the protocol 47 and 48, then you can do this by a download and installing a protocol switcher.

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